Overall the ‘Your Club Needs You’ initiative is aiming to…

Allow any member to know what volunteering opportunities exist as these arise and change. 

To give you enough information so that you can make an informed choice about volunteering.

To ensure no one gets stuck having to do something ‘all the time’. As part of this aim we will ask existing volunteers if they are happy to ‘carry on’ and open up places to new volunteers as often as we can.

To allow any of you an opportunity to volunteer to do something you would like to support/do. 

(Please just let the Office know and either the Flag officer/General Committee Member most appropriate to your suggestion will contact you or one of the Volunteering steering group (Laurie Vanner, Ian Menzies, Marcus Bucknall)

WHAT WE HAVE ACHIEVED since the launch of the ‘Club Needs You Initiative’


Beginning of March a merry band of Volunteers came to assist the club in getting ready for the new season. We created new drainage arrangements in the ditch round/through the dinghy park:
Repaired the fence at top of car park:
Laid new gravel along the path below the lawn:
Created new storage arrangements for dinghy container:
Repainted duckboards in the changing rooms:
Repainted bench seats in changing rooms:
Touched up paint work in the main bar:
Touched up paintwork in the Ashbury room (TBC) Repaired picnic benches/seats:
Thank you to the following people for whom we are very grateful
Tim Daley, Fred Ellis, Nigel Seary, Steve Enwright, Ken Stowe, Ian Menzies, Mike Wylie, David Jones, Allan Jones, Martine Clayton, Nigel Martin, Hugh Williams, Bob Sissons and Marcus Bucknall.

Also in March, our club’s Bosun Team Hugh Williams, John Williams, Doug Sharps and Richard Chenery cleared an area at the rear of the club to house ‘club’s lion’ whilst super upgrades will take place on it. We are calling it the lion’s enclosure!



Beach Clean / Litter Pick

We had over 20 members join us for a very successful litter pick covering the beach, under the walkway to the marina, the footpaths, around the lawn, dinghy park and car park. A substantial amount of rubbish was collected, including metal, glass and general rubbish.

A big thank you to those who volunteered and I would also like to thank those who contacted the office offering to help but as we already had plenty of offers of help we had to turn them down on this occasion. Rest assured there will be plenty of opportunities to help the club with future volunteering efforts. We are very fortunate to have such wonderful members helping to keep the Club looking great. And, thank you Marian and team for fuelling us before we ventured out.

Thank you

Martine Clayton

Laurie Vanner Commodore writes….Excellent Volunteering effort at the Club this morning (Tuesday 4 April 2023)  with several tasks undertaken including external painting, strimming in the dinghy parks, removing club signage to allow for painting and also cutting the lawn. Many thanks to the following people for your efforts Mike Firth, Gill Hutchings, Michael Wylie, Steve Enright, Marcus Bucknall, Julian Molyneux and Simon Hewitt. Also a vote of thanks to Julian Molyneux for taking on the arduous task of managing the dinghy park.

May 2023

A big thank you to those Volunteers who helped today 9 May in sorting out the area at the top of the slipway. A great start by all – see the before and after shots.

From the left, Mike Wyllie, Phil McGoldrick, Mike Firth (seated), Steve Humphries, Marcus Bucknall and Steve Enright and of course our Commodore Laurie Vanner who was acting camera man.


On 18 July 2022 one of the hottest days of the year 4 heroic Volunteers braved the intensity of the hot sun and did a sterling job in our car park by separating the areas with wooden bollards. 

Simon Hewitt (Commodore) Laurie Vanner (rear Commodore) Marcus Bucknall (CIC Officer) and Tim Daley
Our team of volunteers decorating the club, ready for a busy season! 
Great to see so many of our enthusiastic volunteers at the buffet lunch. Their efforts over the year have to be applauded for the very positive contribution they’ve made to the Club’s success.
Wintering the lawn!
Thanks to our team of gardeners:
Laurie Vanner, Dennis and Anne Kell, Jan and Bruce Moss, Stuart Miller, Jeannette James and Adrian Warn
Bollards in the making……
Thanks to volunteers Laurie Vanner, Marcus Bucknall and Nigel Seary.

Our team of volunteers creating steps to make access to the raised lawn easier and safer for all of you!

Varnished Table Tops and Bar!
Thanks to volunteers Laurie Vanner, David Jones, Nigel Martin and David Pearce.
The new fence and steps…
Laurie Vanner, ably assisted by Bob Sisson, Ken Stowe and Tim Daley have erected a fence along the edge of the lawn and added some wooden steps to give access to the top of the hard and dinghy park.

The Club Lawn receiving some Winter TLC…
Despite a horrible morning’s weather 6 Club volunteers managed to scarify and aerate the lawn which will hopefully much improve its appearance come next spring. Our thanks go to them for their worthy efforts.

Outdoor Working Party 

“A day long effort by these volunteers saw a major improvement to the Club’s grounds. All rubbish from across our estate was collected and skipped, the laying up area cleared of encroaching vegetation and rationalised allowing several more craft to be overwintered, the area for safety boats was cleared and extended and the tender and dinghy areas tidied. In addition more hardcore was spread in both the laying up and safety boat areas. All in all a great effort by those involved”. by Laurie Vanner.

Pictured below:
Anne Plummer, Martine Clayton, Anthea Power, Alan Hall, Chris Woodard, Martin Bevan, Phil McGoldrick, Graham MacDowall, Ken Stowe, Marcus Bucknall, Stephen Olle, Ian Menzies, Simon Hewitt and Kevin Misselbrook.  

Support Boat ‘adopters’

These volunteers; Susan Iskander (and Damien), Richard Maidstone, Jemima Philpott,  Mike and Kathryn Deaton, Martine Clayton, Laurie Vanner and Amanda Portway (sponsoring Flag Officer) work alongside Hugh Williams (Bosun) and the Rear Commodore Sailing to plan and provide general maintenance and tlc to the boats to help extend their use to the Club and make using them more enjoyable.

Club Sailing Boat Adopters

These volunteers; work on the general maintenance and care of these boats. If further support is needed, they can let the RC Sailing know and a plan is agreed. Opportunity for more adopters of these boat exists now so please let the Office know.

This overall initiative has been designed to compliment all of the volunteering that already existed in the Club and the ‘Duty Man’ system still operates to source Race Officers and Support Boat Drivers. Other groups have also existed and groups gather to support specific events. To those members who have been involved and still are we say THANK YOU TO YOU ALL