Welcome to the East Coast‘s premiere one design keel boat Racing  class – Ajax 23

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Prize-Giving at RHYC – Ajax East Coast Champs 2023 – 1st Place – Hugh, John and James Williams
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Orwell VI – winners of Bob Tate Memorial Race and the Dovercourt Challenge Weekend 

Richard Merriweather
Mark Ingram
Simon Ruffles 

Our fleet of 15 Ajax 23 race between April and October from the  Royal Harwich Yacht Club

The Ajax 23 One Design class is one of the largest one design classes currently racing on the East Coast. The boat was designed by Oliver Lee in 1966 as a contender for the new three person Olympic keelboat (the Soling was eventually chosen).

Nationally the Ajax class is split between two fleets: Our own and that of the St Mawes Sailing Club. The organising of the National Championship alternates annually between the two clubs. We enjoy an excellent relationship with our St Mawes and encourage visitors to our alternating National Championships.

The Ajax is ideally suited to a wide range of weather conditions.  Although exciting and lively to sail the Ajax does not require extreme strength and we currently have two women skippers winning in Ajax racing, We are pleased to note Yachts and Yachting’s description of the class as enjoying “excellent racing” and being ”known for its friendly and helpful owners”.

The Club has a race ready Ajax to hire to tempt new owners into the class and the occasional visitor – there are also a few Ajax yachts available for sale both here and in St Mawes.

A wide range of racing is held April to October – with Wednesday and Thursday evening racing, Sundays as well as some championship events held in Dovercourt Bay. 

We would be delighted to add more sailors to our fleet. 

Please get in touch if you’d like to join us for a race or more permanently.

Richard Merriweather 

Class Captain 2023

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